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Italian Giudici Racing Leathers Come to the US!


It’s official, MotorcyclePerformance will start importing Giudici leathers. I can’t say enough about this find and they cost less than other top brands, but have the same or better quality. What impressed me first was the leather is much softer than my Dianese and it fit like a custom suit. I also like that the suits are ventilated for those hot days. Protection is optimal as well. When I was at there store in Cermenate, Italy last month I saw a suit from one of the SBK riders for MV Augusta who went down at 250 kph at Monza and walked away. The leathers were scrapped up a bit and needed to be touched up, but he was safe and sound.

If anyone is interested please let me know as I’m placing the initial order for a small amount of inventory and I’d like to know what sizes I need. Giudici keeps its costs down by keeping it simple, there are three main color combinations to choose from for their top of the line Stealth model -see pic above without gloves (Red, Blue, and Grey). All one-piece suits will also come with a free pair of gloves to kick things off.

The euro is incredibly strong right now, but I think I can do pricing of $679 including a pair of gloves. I can email a sizing chart so that you can take measurements and get the size you need. Understanding that this would be purchasing leathers via the internet I will guarantee all purchases and in the event you need a different size I will send you a new suite for you to try and pay for shipping myself. I will then pay for shipment back for the suite that doesn’t fit. Payment would be through paypal.

I’m not a store, but instead just want to provide some of the great finds I’ve made in Italy that aren’t currently available to us in the US. I hope you find this useful and I look forward to hearing what you think.


Giudici Racing Leathers!

giudici-tornado.jpgRoby Rolfo (Hannspree)Roby Rolfo (Hannspree)

I recently came across a brand of leathers in Italy called Giudici that I had never heard of before. Giudici currently sponsors SBK rider Roby Rolfo (Hannspree) and already have a world championship to their credit. Who would have thunk it even the great Freddy Spencer wore their leathers!

I’ve always been somewhat of a Dianese snob, but I’ve got to tell you the Giudici suits had softer leather and were more form fitting when I tried on a one-piece (they also have 2 piece suits and jackets too). Stefano Giudici, the owner, also explained to me that they can do custom suits, and kangaroo hide. I have a one piece on order, so I’ll let you know what I think once it’s here and I’ve had some time with it.

The leathers look very durable as well. While I was there I saw an MV Augusta suite that had obviously been in some sort of crash, so I asked Stefano what the story was. He said that that suite belonged to and SBK rider who went down at about 150 mph and was uninjured, but was later fired because he’s always crashing!

Review coming up…. If I like them I may import them into the US, so stay tuned.