Pedrosa Surgery – Out for an unconfirmed period time!

1.28.07 according to superbikeplanet

Dani Pedrosa.

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa, who crashed at the Sepang test yesterday, January 23, went into the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus de Barcelona hospital straight from an overnight flight from Malaysia. Upon arrival and after the relevant diagnostic tests it was confirmed, by the team of doctors directed by Dr. Xavier Mir, Head of the Hand Surgery and Microsurgery Unit, that Pedrosa has; “a fractured second metacarpal on his right hand with three diaphysary fragments, which are the bones found in the middle section of the metacarpian.”

The operation, which began at 14:00, consisted of, according to the statement made by Dr. Mir himself; “First reducing the fracture and then fixing the fracture with a seven holed titanium plate”.

Dr. Xavier Mir later said that the operation proceeded without any untoward happening and was completed according to plan, he also indicated that if there are no post-operation complications, “the recovery of the hand`s functions will start within the next 72 hours”.

Finally the surgeon emphasised the fact that; “Just when the rider will rejoin training and his usual sporting activities is unknown since in this type of case it is surprising how quickly top level professional sportsmen recover their abilities compared to the minimum period of the 6 weeks that are needed by most patients with the same kind of injury”.

Pedrosa should be allowed to leave the hospital tomorrow Thursday, 24th January at 12.30, and so that is when the press are invited to the press conference which the rider Dani Pedrosa himself will attend, he will be accompanied by Dr. Xavier Mir, Jefe de la Unidad de Cirugía y Microcirugía de la Mano de USP Institut Universitari Dexeus.


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