Ducati MotoGP & SBK dashboards

mgp-elec-001.jpgDUCATI GP7 & 1098 F08 DASHBOARDS

La Gazetta dello Sport had this in their weekly magazine Sportweek yesterday and I thought it was really interesting. Here’s the translation going clockwise on the pic.

  • ANTISPIN (Traction Control): Marked as AS to block the traction control funtion of the rear wheel.
  • MOTORE SPENTO (STOP Engine): Normal stop engine botton.
  • SCELTA MAPPATURA (Engine Mapping): Can select 1 of 3 maps available. One choice is specifically for starts.
  • VELOCITA BOX (Pit speed regulator): Limits the speed in the paddock/pit lane, limited at 80 Km/h.
  • STRATEGIA DI RISERVA (Reserve strategy): Free switch. Can change between the functions of the other 2 buttons.
  • Per Il Cambio (Gear Change): Gear switch, can block electronic shifting, and the possibility to go up gears without the clutch.

PER IL PILOTA POCHE DISTRAZIONI (For the rider little distractions): “It’s a question of habbit” says Stoner to explain how it’s not difficult to use during a race. “The information you use are lap times and engine mapping, and logically the engine danger light.”


  • PERICOLO! (DANGER): signals if something bad has happened to the engine. Should stop the bike.
  • PER CAMBIARE (TO CHANGE): gear changing lights (redline)
  • LIMITAZIONI (LIMITS): When the pit lane speed regulator is on all 3 lights are green.
  • ATTENZIONE (ATTENTION): Signals a problem with one of the functions. Usually not a bad problem.
  • SOSPENSIONI (SUSPENSION): Signals 0 when recalibrating the suspension.
  • STRATEGIE (STRATEGIES): flashing light to signal wether traction control is activated.

UN “MONITOR” PER TRE SITUAZIONI (A MONITOR FOR 3 SITUATIONS): The display offers three modes (to be changed only in the pit box), the display on the right is used when warming up the bike in the pits.

  • PAGINA PROVE (TEST SCREEN: From the left: gear, water pressure (bar), water temperature. In the middle, position of the butterflies and the reading of the lambda sensor (probe).
  • PAGINA GARA (RACE SCREEN): From the left: water temp., lap time (“A”), the gear, engine map (small letter).
  • RESCALDAMENTO (WARM-UP): From the left: oil pressure and temp., middle – gas pressure, right: water temp, above: battery tension

2 Responses to “Ducati MotoGP & SBK dashboards”

  1. December 31, 2007 at 11:35 am

    Nice insight into the controls on a Ducati GP7 MotoGP bike – so many things to take account of, boiled down to lap times, engine map and a single warning light. Amazing.

  2. 2 motorcycleperformance
    December 31, 2007 at 12:29 pm

    Hi Rob, Welcome to the blog! I think 2007 was the year of the tire, and 2008 will be the year of the electronics. There is such a debate now about whether electronics make racing boring, and the bikes too easy to ride. Rossi recently said that Casey Stoner was the best new rider of the electronic era, but to him riding these bikes is boring. I’ve also heard that the powers that be in Motogp are talking about a universal CPU for all bikes. Let’s see what happens!

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